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                        About this effort to develop business television in Vietnam

                        Reference pages on Vietnam

                        ?   Vietnam's Research Team

                        ?  Vietnam's Top 20 Markets
                        ?  Vietnam in Time Zone #6
                        ?  Vietnam by population
                           with corresponding maps

                        ?  A very preliminary list
                           of Vietnam's businesses

                        ?  An open letter to Vietnam's leadership
                        Vietnam's Media

                        Top 20 Markets by population

                        City (Metropolitan Region)

                        1.   Thành Ph? H? Chí Minh (Metro Saigon)
                        1a.   Biên Hòa
                        1b.   Th? D?u M?t

                        2.     Hà N?i   (Metro Hanoi)
                        3.     ?à N?ng   (Metro Da Nang)
                        4.     H?i Phòng
                        5.     C?n Th?

                        6.     Hu?
                        7      Nha Trang
                        8.     V?ng Tàu
                        9.     Qui Nh?n
                        10.   Long Xuyên

                        11.   Vinh
                        12.   Bu?n Ma Thu?t (Lac Giao)
                        13.   R?ch Giá
                        14.   H? Long (Hòn Gai)
                        15.   Thái Nguyên

                        16.   Nam ??nh
                        17.   Phan Thi?t
                        18.   ?à L?t   ( Lam ??ng Province)
                        20.   Th? D?u M?t




                        With assistance from this reference: http://www.citypopulation.de/Vietnam.html

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                        Background:  These top twenty markets account for substantially less than half of the country's population; however, if the greater metropolitan area -- even entire provinces of their capital city --  are included, most of the population of Vietnam is accounted.  As these listings of best businesses are developed, additional areas will be added until every business owner in the country has an opportunity to participate.

                        Markets: With a population quickly approaching 90 million people, statistically, there should be about 20 primary markets of about 4-to-5 million people in each.   The government of Vietnam divides the country into eight geographic regions.   That is not quite granular enough.   There is substantial value in using the 58 provinces of Vietnam as a starting point. Many have already been combined to make a television market. Here is also an alphabetical listing of the 58 provinces of Vietnam.

                        Research Team: Every person who volunteers to be part of the Research Team for their country is motivated to find and work with the best businesses of their country. Most know that they will develop very strong relations that will last over a lifetime. Each person will be responsible for a market area of no less than four million (4M) people . Statistically, the government would say that there is one business for every 300 people. If that statistic proves to be true, within a market of 4M people there would be no more than 13,333 businesses. Because this effort is focused on the top 1% of all businesses, the goal would be to identify as many as 1333 businesses and to focus on just 133 of the very finest businesses.

                        Statistical Adjustments. Open market economies stimulate business start-ups. In the USA, there is a business for every 13-to-15 people. The assumption is that when the research team begins doing closer analysis, many new, very good businesses will be discovered and that each Research Team member who focuses on a market of 4M will quickly have a list of 4000 businesses of which they focus on 400 and are actively working with 40 at any given time.

                        Business Advocates, Advisers and Analysts by Market:  Each person on the research team will be responsible for knowing the business editors, business professors, the government leaders, and the economic development leaders within their market.  These are the people who will initially decide who makes the first list of 10% of all businesses in the region, and then who makes the next listing of 10% or 1% of the total.  These people will create the first rank order of the businesses and then the participation of each business and the visitors on the web will determine their rate of rise thereafter.

                        Time Zones:  Vietnam  is in Time Zone #6.  Every country of the world is within one of 24 time zones.  A country or region may set and keep time in a way that is unconventional and not similar to other countries within a particular 15 degree.  That does not matter.  The majority of their landmass is still by definition within those 15 degrees. The math is rather straightforward.  There are 24 time zones.  Each is 15 degrees (15x24 = 360 degrees).


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