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                        Vietnam's Media

                        Time Zone #6     Vietnam

                        President Nguyen Minh Triet

                        Prime Minister Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung

                        Vu Van Ha, Online Newspaper

                        Head of Department, Department for English Pages, Online Newspaper
                        275-002 Doi Can Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam
                        T: +84.080.48161   E: vanphongbttvh@cpt.gov.vn

                        Mr Truong Quang Hoai Nam, Minister of Trade

                        Deputy Director General, Multilateral Trade Policy Department
                        Ministry of Trade,  31 Trang Tien Street, Hanoi  T:84(4)825.6776
                        Email: apec@mot.gov.vn    Cc: apecvn2006@yahoo.com

                        Michael W. Michalak
                        Ambassador to Vietnam

                        7 Lang Ha Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam

                        American Citizen Services
                        T: 84-4-772-1500
                        E: acshanoi@state.gov  

                        Jonathan M. Aloisi
                        Deputy Chief of Mission, Hanoi, Vietnam

                        Deputy Chief of Economic Section

                        Pham Trong Thuc
                        US Embassy Press Assistant 

                        The U.S. Consulate General
                        Ho Chi Minh City
                        4 Le Duan, District 1

                        U.S. Education Information Center - IIE
                        Tung Shing Square, Room 505
                        2 Ngo Quyen
                        Hanoi, Vietnam

                        T: 84-4-935-0412
                        E: iievietnam@iievn.org


                        Financial Times: Referring to President Nguyen Minh Triet, Amy Kazmin in the  June 15 2007 issue, said:  “He was one of the main breakers of the rules – one of the main breakers of the orthodox system,” says Thomas Vallely, director of the Vietnam program at the Kennedy School for Government. “My clear impression is that he was experimenting without permission.”  It was an experiment that evidently paid off. Today Binh Duong is one of the prime sites for foreign direct investment, generating a significant portion of Vietnam’s booming export industries.

                        U.S. Education Information Office
                        Consulate General of the USA
                        Saigon Center Building, 9th Floor
                        65 Le Loi
                        Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

                        T: 84-8-914-3896
                        E: education.advisor@hcm.iievn.org

                        Economic Sectors

                        Steel Manufacturing

                        Focus:  Faster, cheaper, strong infrastructure for construction

                        Reference:  The Camber TOT Project

                        BlueScope Steel Vietnam
                        Australia’s largest manufacturing

                        Trinh Anh Duc

                        President of BlueScope Steel Vietnam, Mr Andrew Heycott 
                        ZINCALUME? steel

                        BlueScope Lysaght (Vietnam) Ltd
                        Joe Brennan, President

                        6th Floor, BITEXCO Building
                        19-25 Nguyen Hue Street, District 1,
                        Ho Chi Minh , Vietnam 
                        T: +84 8 8210066
                        E: Anh.Tran@bluescopesteel.com
                        Mr. Tran Vu Tuan Anh

                        Ha Noi Office
                        6th Floor, TungShing Square
                        2 Ngo Quyen Street
                        Hoan Kiem District,
                        Ha Noi,  Vietnam 
                        T: +84 4 9350993
                        E: Kien.PhamVan@bluescopesteel.com
                        Mr. Pham Van Trung Kien

                        Reference: http://www.bluescopesteelasia.com

                        Dongkuk Steel Group
                        South Korea's
                        third biggest steel manufacturer

                        Our correspondence and work within Vietnam: Your ideas are welcomed.

                        An open letter to the leadership of Vietnam

                        Reference:  http://cpv.org.vn/cpv/Modules/News_English/aboutus.aspx

                        Mr. Vu Van Ha, Head of Department
                        Department for English Pages
                        Vietnam's Online Newspaper
                        275-002 Doi Can Street
                        Ba Dinh District Hanoi, Vietnam

                        Dear Mr. Vu Van Ha: 

                        My name is Bruce Camber and I am a television producer from the USA.  Since 1994 we have asked all the local business advocates within an area of the world but primarily the USA, “Who are the finest business people in this community?  Who are the people who create good jobs, they are ethical, generous, and true leaders? “ 

                        Within a designated television market of 3M to 4M, there are usually around 100,000 businesses.  It is impossible to know who are the very finest among them.  So we get recommendations from the chambers of commerce, the mayors, the business press, the business professors, and other local business advocates.  We have done over 300 episodes of this show that are broadcast on educational television (PBS-TV) and the Voice of America TV. 

                        The show has been sponsored by IBM, AT&T, and other very large businesses.

                        In 2007 we visited in Hanoi and HCMC to begin to meet television producers and business advocates who might do a similar show in Vietnam.  As a working title, we have called that show, The Best Businesses of Vietnam.

                        I read with great interest this online article in Vietnamnet Bridge referenced above.  You have identified the top 1000 businesses in Vietnam by their tax contribution.  

                        To qualify to be on our television show, we look at much more than the tax contribution.  We have always tried to find those people who have deep integrity and generous hearts within their community.  Our goal, "Let us be lifting up role models for each other and our children."

                        I have three questions I would hope you might answer for me:
                        1.     Are there any listings that sort the 300,000 names by industry? 
                        2.    Is that list publicly available? 
                        3.    Within each industry, is there a business association for each in Vietnam? 

                        We are working with people in every nation of 300,000 people or more to develop such a list of good businesses.  My guess is that out of the 300,000 in Vietnam that no less than 1% are truly exceptional business leaders.  That would be a list of 3000.  Now, that would be too large.  So, out of that list, we would work to find just 300 businesses that could be recognized for their dignity, good spirit, and genius.  Most of those 300 companies would make a very good episode of a show that explores their heart, energy, creativity, and deep motivations.   It makes for an excellent television show that would become an important part of the fabric of nation's identity.

                        With sixteen years of weekly productions, we now grasp how this business model can work within each country whereby the local people own that product.

                        Our work in Vietnam is in the public eye.  These Vietnam pages are still very rough; they’ll get better with the help of many local people with whom we are working.

                        Time Zone #6http://www.zhutou.net.cn/page2046.html
                        Vietnam companies by URL:   http://www.zhutou.net.cn/page2577.html
                        General reference page:   http://www.zhutou.net.cn/page912.html

                        Thank you.



                        PS.  We are also studying this list of businesses:   http://www.vnex.com.vn/CompanyList.aspx 
                        VietnamHanoi   Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon)
                        ?  Est. Population - 86,200,000  Official Businesses - 300,000+ 
                            Est. Start-ups: 3M  Goal: List 3000 of the best
                        ? Head of GovernmentNguy?n Minh Tri?t
                        ? Trade Office: Vietnam Export Portal  Businesses
                        ? Chambers of Commerce:  AmCham Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City
                        ? Tourism:  Vietnam National Administration of Tourism
                        ? Travel AgentsWestern Travel
                        ? TelevisionVietnam Television  More...
                        ? Producers in VietnamTBA such as CreaTV Fanatic
                        ? Research Team: Tri Nguyen, Nguyen Thi Dai,
                           Tran Thi My Hanh, Ms. Le Thi Luong...

                        Mr. Nguyen Van Giau
                        Governor for the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam in the Asian Development Bank
                        Governor, State Bank of Vietnam
                        47-49 Ly Thai To Str.
                        Hanoi, Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
                        Fax No. +844 825 0612 / 826 8765
                        Tel. No. +844 934 3364 / 825 5587



                        Hanoi Party Chief Pham Quang Nghi
                        UNESCO General Director Irina Bokova
                        UNESCO Vietnam chief Katherine Muller Marin
                        UNESCO certificate of world cultural heritage for Hanoi’s Thang Long Royal Citadel
                        Hanoi 1000 Chair Nguyen The Thao


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