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                        May 10, 2007

                        Dear Mr. Camber,

                        I was deeply pleased one morning when I awoke extremely early and stumbled down stairs to work on some tea related things and as I turned on the TV I found your small business school program, which intrigued my interest. As I sat there warmed by my fireplace and sipping tea, the TV business class was just what I need to re-energize my mind and get back to work on my business plans and strategies.

                        Tea is my passion and joy.  Tea brings solace, peace, energy and life back into us; and these days, we need that every moment. I love to share what I know with everyone.  

                        Have you ever been to a tea tasting? This is a great way to experiment with tea and taste different ones. This is a very important aspect to my tea company. I hold tea tastings in people's homes with several of their friends; it's fun and tasty. It's kind of like a wine-tasting experience without the alcohol. A tea experience tends to be enlightening to most as they are not aware of the many flavors and liquors of tea.

                        Michele Cope
                        Alternateave Tea Company
                        URL: http://www.alternateave.com

                        Response from a Newbie Among Tea Drinkers

                        May 10, 2007

                        Hi Michelle -
                        Welcome to Small Business School.  I am a relative newbie within the tea world. I got tired of coffee -- just stopped tasting good -- even from Starbucks, so I tried their Chai Tea.  It was too good to be true.  It had to be 50% sugar.  But, it was enough to get me going.  That was about a year ago.
                        I then started buying Tazo Chai Tea (loose leaves) and became quite good at it.  I wrote to the Tazo folks to see if they were as lovely as their boxes indicated and discovered Starbucks!  What a business story they are!    By the way my Chai tea was made using a little maple syrup for sweetener.  So good.   
                        I then tried Revolution, Stash Chai, Bija Green Tea Chai, Bigelow Spiced Chai, Twinings Chai, Republic Chai, Karen Krasne's Honeybush Masala Chai... enough already.  I then began doing Rooibos.  Then Uncle Lee's Green from Fu-Jian, China.  Then a friend sent me 103 King's Tea.  All quite fascinating...
                        Now what?
                        So, it is with great anticipation that we welcome a tea expert to Small Business School.  I look forward to your advice on my next tea acquisition!  
                        Bruce (and Hattie!  She says, "Welcome! Congratulations on starting a business around your passion and expertise.")


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