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                        What can you do secure the country's future?

                        Respect technology.  Get on the edge!

                        Newark, New Jersey: Meet Howard Kent and his team at Ironbound Valve Actuation. Like most of us, he learned his lessons the hard way. He now says, "Plan your work. And, work your plan, so . . . when you do succeed, it's not by chance and it's not by luck; it's just that you followed your game plan."

                        As you can well imagine, to go global, Howard constantly streamlines his systems with a mixture of old technology and new.

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                        Could runaway government spending actually destroy capitalism? Possible?
                        If so, let's all focus on ways to downsize government.  We can find solutions.
                        Perhaps we can create online ways for all of us to volunteer -- work for free -- to freeze government hiring. Let's do more. Stand up and stand out in the crowd
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                        Yvonne LaFleur, founder, Yvonne LaFleurNew Orleans
                        Step 1: Dreaming

                        Cristina Ocosta, OK Groups, Bend, Oregon
                        Step 2: Starting

                         Monica Morgan became Rosa Parks' official photographer
                        Step 3: Selling

                        Saris Bike Racks. Once known as Graber Products of Madison, Wisconsin
                        Step 4:  Growing

                        Meet Joe Kruetz, founder, County Commerce Bank, Ventura, California
                        Step 5: Employing

                        Nancy & Eric, Goshow Architects, NYC
                        Step 6: Scaling

                        Hattie Bryant introduces Ekkwill Waterlife Resources of Tampa and Record Technology of Camarillo, California
                        Step 7: Sustaining

                        XTO Remington Statute, I will be back. A/K/A Cross Timbers Oil & Gas
                        Step 8: Exiting

                        Each video (above) is an answer to a Key Question.  What's your answer?
                        We all need to be helping each other to grow. Let's mentor each other to perform. More...

                        This basic business equation  for sustained growth and a return to real values.   More...

                        You are invited to join this school; yet please, be our guest. Thatt's free.

                        From 14 years of weekly episodes on PBS stations; this show has also aired around the world through the Voice of America.  These are all on-location insights from small business owners selected by their peersLearn about the power of business and how values and vision inspire and motivate.   More..

                        Small business innovators will be the prime movers to reverse this economy.

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