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                        Friday, February 27, 2015
                        Updated and Redelivered: March 3, 2015

                        YouTube -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXPyIv2WLdI
                        Behind the scenes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XHvuKQNMfk
                        Twitter -  https://twitter.com/Vistaprint
                        Analysis -  http://great-ads.blogspot.com/2015/02/vistaprint-celebrates-bond-of-father.html

                        Robert Keane
                        CEO, founder
                        Vistaprint, Lexington, Massachsuetts

                        Dear Mr. Keane: 

                        Congratulations on your 20 year legacy.  Most people, including my wife and I, just shut it down and move on.  The question for all of us is, once you start, how do you take your equity out but leave the heart in, make it stronger, and gracefully depart and be the mentor - wise counselor thereafter.    

                        Your advertising campaign with Charlie Barrett is sensational.

                        Of course, Charlie will face the same problem his father faced when he (Charlie) went off for greener pastures.  We would all cry if our legacy walked out the door. Now that he's back, what can Charlie do to take Barrett & Sons to the next level?    ...how will he handle his dad's aging?  ...how about his own children?   ...franchising?  ...IPO?  You could build on this advertising campaign and have Charlie do it all. 

                        Perhaps there is some product that Charlie can create that every grocer in the world wants to carry.  Stonefire Tandoor Baked Naan is a fine example (it's a favorite of mine). If you, Vistaprint, keep all these developments in house (as you have done to date), and if you have your viewing public help Charlie come up with that "perfect" product, you all could end up diversifying!    

                        The song and lyrics can change with every new ad. 

                        You'vre started the process of rebranding Vistaprint.  Liam Shannon,  Kim DiVincenzo, Maura Larose, and Greg Gray are to be congratulated (of course, along with you).  You have a platform.  How can everything about that platform become more provocative, deep, and caring?  If you can get your current music and lyrics out from the ad -- perhaps you can make stars out of Sheldon Mirowitz (Verite Music) and Matthew Koma  (singer).  As the story grows, the father and son, Simon Slater and Stuart Neal, could become stars as well.     

                        Yes,  congratulations indeed.  We are all anxious to see what you do with your rising stars. Best wishes.

                        Most sincerely,


                        Bruce Camber
                        Small Business School, the series once on PBS-TV
                        throughout the USA and VOA-TV around the world


                        PS.  Who wrote the lyrics?   ...Sheldon Mirowitz?    

                        "Time is moving at the speed of light
                        Engines cold, the fires bright
                        Miles and miles we go tonight

                        Hold on tight

                        There are things we cannot know
                        How far it is we have to go
                        Found a space we need to grow
                        Until we go home

                        There will always come a time
                        You probably thought I lost my mind
                        When the light obscures the view
                        The dreamer searches for a clue
                        Looks to find somewhere that's true
                        What to do.....

                        Oohhhh oohhhh oohhhh

                        Miles and miles to go tonight

                        Mmmmm oohhh

                        Hold on tight
                        Hold on tight
                        Hold on tight




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