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                        High School Business teacher
                        New Jersey

                        Dear Debra,

                        I am always glad to see a high school teacher among the people who are using the website on any given day. Our high school students have got to discover their gifts and talents as early as possible. They have to feel it, see it, taste it, want it... then they just might have a chance of success.

                        All too often what the kids want is what the TV culture has taught them. Mostly banality, cheap hopes and dreams.... Everybody wants to be a billionaire and almost nobody has a clue how to get there, how much work is involved, and that they may have the car but they really have no fuel to move it.

                        By the way, we will be happy to see more teachers from your school use the website as well. We also encourage the students to use it, too.

                        In 2011, I was asked to substitute for my nephew who teachers many of the math classes at the local high school. It was a return to my old days at Boston University where I once did doctoral work on the foundations of physics as related to the foundations of theology (it has a lot to do with geometry!)The net-net of that work is that we are looking at the shared values between science, business .  The STEM applications -- Science-Technology-Engineering-and-education-Mathematics --are quite compelling. So your science and math teachers could also get involved! That emerging model is a very good foundation for a business model.

                        Also, your account has been updated through 2020 and beyond. We tell our small business owners who use the site, "Take your greatest vision for the future and focus like a laser on your short-term goals and then extend it out for the long term.  How does it feel?"

                        Best wishes to you and all your students,

                        Bruce (and Hattie)
                        Bruce Camber (and Hattie Bryant)
                        New Orleans

                        PS:  We are in critical times and we need the best from each of us .




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