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                        A few Open Letters Over the Years

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                        Referred to as Priceless-Cheap Real Estate, this letter might be considered the simple beginning of a billion-dollar idea.

                        January 2009: President Barack H. Obama
                        Encourage the unemployed to start a business

                        October 2008: Hugh McColl, Jr., a Chairman, Bank of America on "60 Minutes" says"There is nothing good about being small."

                        May 2007:  New York Times Launches Small Business Video
                        based entirely on the Small Business School episodes

                        More letters...

                        Saturday, October 26, 2013

                        TO:  Bruce
                        FM:  Dorothy

                        RE:  Problems logging  in

                        Hi Dorothy,

                        Before you log into Small Business School, open a new, clean, browser which has not been used to pass through any security wall.  Once you go through some other site's security, our programs know it, and they get a bit paranoid, and shut down access to ours.

                        Today's websites with good security know the difference.  Ours does not.

                        This website had hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in it from 1999 to 2008.  It boggles my mind.  It has not returned even a nickel.  And, since 2008, it has been in maintenance mode.  Because it never made any money and those programmers all went on to work for Kathleen Sebelius  (just kidding), you simply have to put up with its rather eccentric personality.

                        So, yes, our security has become very old.  I estimate 120 computer years old.  Each year in a computer's life is a generation or about 20 years human time.   So, the old boy/girl (yes, it's also bisexual) has become a bit fussy, overly persnickety. 

                        I hope you are able to get in and learn more about Amercia's Basics:  Capitalism, Democracy, Entrepreneurism, Freedom. 

                        If you have problems, take the key words from your textbook -- I'll use Glidden Point in my example -- and put them in quotes and enter it into Google like this:

                        "Glidden Point Oyster" + "Small Business School"

                        Scroll down that page and you'll notice there are several direct links to the video.  At one time the publisher provided access to all those videos on their own websites, but I can't find them this morning. 

                        Best wishes,



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