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                        Last Update: Saturday June 6, 2020

                        To All The Students Who Register On The Site: We Really Want You To Get Serious About Your Life and Your Business

                        This kind of note -- an email -- is often sent when students register on this website

                        REJust updated your account so you have access to all the videos and both online courses

                        Dear [First name] -

                        You'll find that your TITLE and COMPANY NAME have also been updated. Too many of the students leave it blank, some say, "Student" and then use their college as the Company Name. That may all be fine for most of those in school, but those who find their way to this site are going to be strongly encouraged to start their business today.  You are now the Owner of the Your Name & Company

                        On television in December 1994 when the web was a baby, we said to our viewing audience, "You need an email and a website for you  and your business.  And don't use AOL; that's for the kids.  It needs to be Your_Name@Your_Company.com  and your website address needs to be Your_Company.com."  

                        We actually showed that graphic on the screen and thousands of business owners sent us a note of thanks.  At that time, the slow-pokes had their names taken by homesteaders.  We did special segments within several episodes about that, too.

                        So, if you can afford the registration fee, anywhere from $9 to $15 per year, go register Your_Name.COM and start building your business today.  Really.


                        Here is our standard email that goes out to everybody:

                        RE:              Your Registration on http://smallbusinessschool.org/
                        Username:   (Your email address above)
                        Password:    (The one you used to create the account*)

                        I hope you enjoy the total access to all the videos and both
                        online courses.

                        When you are on the homepage, once you log in,
                        click on MY LIBRARY AND COURSES right under
                        the logo on the top of the homepage.

                        Your account should stay open for as long as
                        our web site is opened!   It is all free.  Our hope is
                        that the site might help inspire people to grow
                        their  business beyond their wildest dreams,
                        create great work for oneself and then for others,
                        and help extend the dreams of others.

                        Please let me know if you have any problems, questions
                        or concerns about the website.


                        PS.  Once logged in, you can update your credentials here:

                        * If you ever forget your password, ask the computer to send
                        it to you  -- http://smallbusinessschool.org/page761.html

                        Bruce Camber
                        Small Business School
                        Private Business Channel, Inc.

                        PS. You might find some of the links below useful
                        as further backgrounder info.

                        ? The longest-running television series on PBS stations
                        in the USA and the Voice of America around the world
                        about best business practices.

                        ?  Every business owner was recommended
                        by many local business advocates,
                        often the local Chamber of Commerce,
                        and confirmed by their national trade
                        association for their leadership, generosity
                        of spirit, ethics, and courage.

                        Nobody can pay or has ever paid to be on this show.

                        ? Many publishers, business associations, schools, and  journals
                        provide their constituents with access to daily business tips:

                        ? An intellectual exercise -- our universe-view -- that  has
                        some potential to help open new levels of human creativity:




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