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                        A few Open Letters Over the Years

                        March 22, 2012:  Log in to update your account (this page)

                        November 16, 2011:   Sergey Brin, Google

                        August 2011:  Economists are clueless!?!  But, you're not!

                        August 2011:  We all must participate (Barack Obama)

                        25 July 2011:  NYT Nick Kristof, Bonuses for Billionaires

                        July 2011:  Economic Development Project for the 30/90

                        February 2011:  Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education

                        September 2010: Stephen Hawking and Len Mlodinow's
                        Grand Design: It is not as grand as they think.

                        March 2009:  60/60:  A Beginning for GPS-based Cities
                        Referred to as Priceless-Cheap Real Estate, this letter might be considered the simple beginning of a billion-dollar idea.

                        January 2009: President Barack H. Obama
                        Encourage the unemployed to start a business

                        October 2008: Hugh McColl, Jr., a Chairman, Bank of America on "60 Minutes" says"There is nothing good about being small."

                        May 2007:  New York Times Launches Small Business Video
                        based entirely on the Small Business School episodes

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