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                            Vietnam Fabric JSC

                        Every list of businesses from our research team begins with people that they know, they trust, and they like.  There is no substitute for a personal relation with the  business owner and a working knowledge of a business.

                        These businesses are recommended by Ms. Nguyen Thi Dai. She will be working with these businesses to introduce them to the concept of doing a television documentary about their business. It begins when one of these people record their answer to one of the key business questions. When these answers become compelling, a video should be made.  These videos will stream on this website and many others.  When there are over ten questions answered, a producer can be brought in to determine how to begin shaping these answers as a television production. The best productions from Vietnam will air on global television.

                        ?   Vietnam's Research Team

                        ?  Vietnam's Top 20 Markets
                        ?  Vietnam in Time Zone #6
                        ?  Vietnam by population
                           with corresponding maps

                        ?  A very preliminary list
                           of Vietnam's businesses

                        ?  An open letter to Vietnam's leadership
                        Vietnam's Media

                        C?ng Ty C? Ph?n B?ng  L? I15-17 ???ng D2, B?c V?n Thánh,P25, Q.Bình Th?nh 8.38992667 Ms. Ly 090.395.9292
                        C?ng Ty Cp SX KD Nguyên Li?u D?t May  39-41 B?n Ch??ng D??ng, P.B?n Nghé, Q1, 8.62737668 Mr. Giang 093.799.0238
                        C?ng Ty C? Ph?n ??u T? TM B?ng S?i Vi?t S? 10, Nguy?n Hu?, P.B?n Nghé, Q1,  835210024 Ms. Ly 090.395.9292
                        C?ng Ty TNHH MTV S?i Ch? May Phong Phú 48 T?ng Nh?n Phú, P,T?ng Nh?n Phú B, Q9, Tp.HCM 8.3731055 Ms. Huu 090.368.9059
                        C?ng ty TNHH SX TM DV XNK H?ng Thành ??t 210 Lê Quang ??nh, P14, Q.Bình Th?nh 8.35164669 Ms. Vy
                        C?ng ty TNHH TM DV Tr?nh Gia Phát 165/57 Phan V?n H?n, P.Tan Th?i Nh?t, Q12 8.35921028 Mr. Tr?nh 
                        C?ng ty C? Ph?n ??u T? Và Phát Tri?n Thiên Nam Khu C?ng Nghi?p D?t May ??ng An ,Thu?n An, Bình D??ng 650.774346 Ms. Linh 094.900.5750
                        C?ng ty D?t Hà Nam X? Chau S?n, Ph? Ly, T?nh Hà Nam 351.853033 Ms. Thuy 094.305.2849


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