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                        Last Update: Friday June 5, 2020

                        The American Dream: Building a business around one's passion...

                        You can become the best in the world...

                        Get Yourself a Big Goal. This key part of The American Dream  focuses the drive and courage you need. It becomes the basis of those restless nights of new thinking, going over things one more time, which opens the way to breakthrough insights.

                        Keep dreaming, be gracious and have tenacity Pictured just below is the result of such thinking. Hope LanCarte was a child when her father started this business.  Then the restaurant could seat 18.  Today it seats over 1000. 

                        Hope LanCarte surrounded by family.  They all work every day to make this little piece of paradise more like heaven on earth.   

                        This show is about The American Dream

                        This television series definitively confirms a definition of "the American Dream" offered by historian-author, James Truslow Adams. Back in 1931, he said that the dream is  that "...life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement (regardless of social class or circumstances of birth)."

                        Evidences of that dream can be found in most every episode of the show. Those in the left column simply jumped on the page.

                        There is always just a little bit more...
                        ?   Our vision of business and life
                        ?   Our simple global initiatives
                        ?   The first principles of this business and life
                        ?   A possible future of television
                        ?   Global television

                        It is about being ethical, becoming successful, and giving back because you can.
                        Is your story like one of these stories?  If so,  let's find the best way for you to tell it!

                        Get Yourself a Big Goal

                        3:00 | Play Now |  Albert's mission is to create jobs and make the American Dream – ownership – possible for his employees. He wants every employee to own stock in the company, become a 20% saver, go to college and build happy, productive lives. All the videos...

                        Keep Dreaming

                        2:06 | Play Now |   Dreams fire our imaginations but a dream without action goes cold. Thomas was broke when he saw the location he now owns and by taking action he kept the dream alive. All the videos of this episode...

                        Work On Your Entire Ecosystem

                        3:02 | Play Now | Ahmad Chebbani owns property on Warren Avenue and he has organized all of his neighbors and the Arab-American Chamber of Commerce to improve the street with lighting, fresh pavement and plantings. All the videos of this episode...

                        Stop And Think

                        1:34 | Play Now | This tiny machine is busy saving lives because the inventors wouldn't give up on their dream. All the videos of this episode...

                        Be Grateful; Be Happy; Be Inspired

                        2:55 | Play Now | We hear people all the time echoing Sohrab's comment, "I didn't start the business because of money. I started because I loved what I was doing." And after all these years, he still jumps out of bed excited to go to work that morning. All the videos of this episode...

                        Attract A Courageous Team

                        2:55 | Play Now | Bob Simpson and his partner were thrown out of a company they had worked to grow.  They took what they had learned and today they are worth millions. All the videos of this episode...

                        See the Good

                        4:08 | Play Now |   Bob Sakata depends upon optimism to guide him through difficult situations. All the videos of this episode...

                        Treat People With Deep Respect

                        2:16 | Play Now |   Pam McNair knows that people are the raw materials you must commit to working with, day in and day out, if you want to grow a company.    All the videos of this episode More...

                        Celebrate the Individual

                        1:02 | Play Now | Founder Marty Edelston believes that making sure people feel good starts at the top.   He says his most important job is to be a cheerleader for every employee.   All the videos from this episode...






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