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                        The 90 Simplest GPS Addresses in the World - A work in progress

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                        If some of these GPS locations -- there are around 90 -- were to come alive, it could change the world. Numbers could take on deeper meanings. Here's more analysis: 
                        1. An Open Letter to Vladimir Putin (March 15, 2014)
                        2. An Introduction to Russia's 60/60 (March 26, 2009)
                        3. Learning one's Global Time Quadrants (November 8, 2009)
                        4. The most simple GPS positions  (April 15, 2010)
                        5. Wanted - New Entrepreneurs  (May 28, 2010)

                        More maps of these special places

                        From 70°N 70E in Russia to 40N 40E in Turkey


                        Over the Mediterranean Sea

                        From 30N30E in Egypt to 6N6E in Nigeria

                        From 16N16W in Senegal to 6N6E in Cote d'Ivoire


                        13°S13°E Angola to 30°S 30°E South Africa


                        Global people on our ever-shrinking planet need new metaphors about who we are and how we envision the future.  The concept of GPS cities that explore the meaning of a number and space does just that. By doing so, it opens new avenues to understand ourselves, this world and our universe. As a people, we need to begin to grasp the importance of what is known as "the quantitative-qualitative divide."   Let's introduce the concept of  GPS Parkways (and, of course, if it all gets traction, a high-speed train along a robust highway) that connects all the proposed locations in Russia all the way down to 36/36 in Turkey. It would pick back up at the 31/31 in Egypt and go all the way down to the 6/6 in Nigeria. Two other highways could be considered for the other two quadrants where there are 29 additional sites. All of these locations, 90 sites, could be developed using the guidelines of UNESCO so they might someday qualify to be designated World Heritage sites.

                        The North/East Line       ( 61 locations )

                        North of the Mediterranean Sea (35 of the 61 locations)

                        Russia  (23 of the 35 locations)

                        70/70  About 32.6 km (20.2 miles) WSW of Neya-To, Yamalo-Nenetskiy, Russia
                        69/69    About 14 miles from
                        68/68    About 25.5 miles from Laborovaya, Yamalo-Nenetskiy avtonomnyy okrug
                        67/67    About 21 miles from Tou-Pugol, in the Yamalo-Nenetskiy avtonomnyy okrug
                        66/66    More to come from the Confluence Project and Panoramio
                        65/65  Yamalo-Nenetskiy avtonomnyy okrug.
                        64/64    About 50 miles from Khanty-Mansiyskiy avtonomnyy okrug
                        63/63    Northwest of Nyagan,16.4 miles S of Kurt'ya Paul, Khanty-Mansiyskiy
                        62/62    More to come from Google Earth, the Confluence Project, Panoramio and others.
                        61/61     Bor, Sverdlovskaya oblast

                        60/60   Between Voltsjansk and Severouralsk, Sverdlovskaya oblast
                                      The first area to be examined within this website, the significance of
                                      GPS coordinates and the quantitative-qualitative divide are discussed.

                        59/59    Srednyaya Us'va, Permskaya oblast
                        58/58    Verkh-Lys'va, Permskaya oblast
                        57/57    Medyanka, Permskaya oblast
                        56/56    Kum'yazy, Respublika Bashkortostan
                        55/55   Nizhnyaya Saitova, Respublika Bashkortostan
                        54/54    Ryabashevo, Respublika Bashkortostan
                        53/53    About two miles from Urusovka, Orenburgskaya oblast
                        52/52    Over two miles from Miroshkino, Orenburgskaya oblast


                        51/51    Zhukalin, Batys Qazaqstan,   Uralsk
                        50/50   Besterk, Batys Qazaqstan
                        49/49    Tamaptak, Batys Qazaqstan
                        48/48     Atyraū,  Aytkaly  and Ondor Ulaan

                        Russia   (continued)

                        47/47   Over ten miles from Vostok, Astrakhanskaya oblast  Province of Astrakhan
                        46/46   Over 4 miles from Tavn Gashun, Respublika Kalmykiya
                        45/45  About 7 miles from Velichaevskoye (beyond the Milk Trade Farm toward Turkasad)
                        44/44   Near Sovyetskaya and a couple of miles from Lepchanskiy, Stavropol'skiy kray


                        43/43   Adish, near Davberi, Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti 
                        42/42   Agaraki, Guria


                        41/41     Not far from ?enyuva, Rize
                        40/40     Otlukbeli, Erzincan
                        39/39     Payamdüzü, Tunceli
                        38/38     Re?adiye, Malatya
                        37/37     ??nar, Kilis
                        36/36     Ayd?nbah?e, Hatay

                        South of the Mediterranean Sea (26 of the 61 locations)


                        31/31:   Not far from Biltāj, al-?arbiyya
                        30/30:   Closest city appears to be Izbat Kafr Dāwūd (al-Buhayra), Matrūh, Egypt

                        29/29:   Closest city appears to be al-Bawītiy, al-Jīza, Egypt 
                        28/28:   Closest city appears to be al-Bawītiy, al-Jīza, Egypt
                        27/27:   Closest city appears to be Qasr al-Farāfira, al-Wādiy al-Jadīd, Egypt
                        26/26:   Over 100 miles from Qasr al-Farāfira, al-Wādiy al-Jadīd, Egypt


                        25/25: Over 100 miles from al-Jawf, al-Kufra
                        24/24:   Over 40 miles on the other side of al-Jawf, al-Kufra
                        23/23:   Over 70 miles fromal-Tallāb in al-Kufra
                        22/22:   Over 20 miles from Ma`tan al-Sāra in al-Kufra


                        21/21:  Over 50 miles to the nearest city of Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti
                        20/20: Over 70 miles from Ounianga Kébir, Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti

                        19/19:  Over 75 miles north of Faya-Largeau, Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti
                        18/18:  Over 75 miles west of Faya-Largeau, Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti
                        17/17:  Over 100 miles north east of Ham (Kanem), Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti
                        16/16:  More to come from Wikipedia, Google, the Confluence Project and Panoramio
                        15/15: About 30 miles from Nokou, Kanem
                        14/14:  Karamgoboua, Lac


                        13/13   Very close to Garunda, Borno
                        12/12:  Over four miles from Malewa, Yobe
                        11/11:  About four miles from Bulama, Gombe
                        10/10: See right column:  

                        9/9:  More to come from Wikipedia, Google, the Confluence Project and Panoramio
                        6/6:  Near Obazagbon Nugu, Edo

                        The North/West Line                            (  11 locations )


                        16/16:  Just over ten miles from Brar, Louga
                        15/15:  More to come from Wikipedia, Google, the Confluence Project and Panoramio
                        13/13:  Almost 19 miles from Badi, Tambacounda


                        12:/12:  Over two miles from Kouya, Labé
                        11/11:   Just under two miles from Mossoko, Faranah:
                        10/10:  See right column:  

                        9/9:  Just over two miles from Konsankoro, Kankan

                        C?te d'Ivoire

                        8/8:  Koulalé-Sokoroda, Biankouma
                        7/7:  Over ten miles from Gengolo (Bangolo), Daloa
                        6/6:  About six miles from Dougroupalényoa, Gagnoa

                        The South/East Line                                  (  18 locations  )


                        13/13:  More to come from Wikipedia, Google, the Confluence Project and Panoramio
                        18/18:  More to come from Wikipedia, Google, the Confluence Project and Panoramio


                        20/20:  About 40 miles from Tsumkwe, Otjozondjupa:  

                        21/21:  More to come from Wikipedia, Google, the Confluence Project and Panoramio
                        23/23:  More to come from Wikipedia, Google, the Confluence Project and Panoramio


                        24/24:  Over six miles from Dutlwe, Kweneng
                        25/25:   About nine miles from Sevrelela

                        South Africa

                        26/26Close to Bakerville, then Elandsputte, Lichtenburg and Mmabatho, North-West
                        27/27:  Between Skandinawi?drif  and Viljoenskroon, North-West, Free State

                        28/28: Off the R76  between Lindley and Bethlehem,  Free State


                        29/29:  In a remote area of Cathedral Peak, east of the village of Letseng-la-Terae and due north of Limonkaneng and Khubetu in the Mokhotlong region

                        South Africa  (continued)

                        30/30A little less than two hours to the northwest of Durban not far from Eastwolds (R612) and about 100 meters off of the 22158 ,