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                        Last Update: Thursday June 11, 2020

                        Working Notes about businesses in Cambodia

                        Chamber of Commerce

                        Building No. 7B, The coner of Road No. 81 & 109,
                        Sangkat Boeung Raing, Khan Daun Penh, Phnomh Penh
                        Kingdom of Cambodia
                        Tel: (855-23) 212 265, 880 795
                        Fax: (855-23) 212 270
                        Email: ppcc@camnet.com.kh
                        Web Site: www.ppcc.org.kh

                        TV3 (Television 3)

                        Transmitter Phnom Penh ch E3 10 kW

                        No 2 Bvd Confédération de la Russie (Street 112)
                        Sangkat Monorom
                        7 Makara
                        Phnom Penh 12251
                        Tel/Fax: : +855 23 360800

                        TV3 is a joint venture of Phnom Penh Municipality and KCS Cambodia Co Ltd.

                        Relay stations also operate in Battambang (ch E12), Kompong Cham (ch E10), Pursat, Rattanakiri, Siem Reap (ch E12) and Sihanoukville (ch E12 2 kW)
                        TV Channel 5 (TV Fark)
                        Phnom Penh ch E5 10 kW

                        Borei Keila Building
                        Street 169 (Rue de Tchéchoslovaquie)
                        Veal Vong
                        7 Makara
                        Phnom Penh 12253
                        Tel: +855 23 366061-2 or 366064
                        Fax: +855 23 366063

                        TV Channel 5

                        TV5 is owned by the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and is operated as a joint venture with MICA Media Co. Ltd, part of the Kantana Group.

                        Regional stations also operate in Siem Reap (ch E5) and Sihanoukville (5 kW).

                        TVK (National Television of Cambodia)

                        Transmitters: Phnom Penh ch E7 10 kW

                        Provincial Government stations operate in Siem Reap (ch E12 0.01 kW), Battambang (ch E7 1 kW), Sihanoukville (ch E53 0.1 kW), Pursat (1 kW), Sen Monorom (Mondulkiri Province, ch E10 0.01 kW), Koh Kong (0.01 kW), Preah Vihear (Tbeng Meancheay ch E7) and Rattanakiri (ch E7 0.075 kW) with further stations planned in Kratie and Stung Treng (0.01 kW each). These transmitters generally relay TVK Phnom Penh.

                        62 Monivong Boulevard
                        Sangkat Sras Chork
                        Daun Penh
                        Phnom Penh 12202
                        PO Box 981
                        Phnom Penh
                        Tel: +855 23 724149 or +855 23 722943
                        Fax: +855 23 426407
                        E-mail: : tvk@camnet.com.kh


                        Owned by the Government of Cambodia.
                        Cambodian TV Station Channel 9 (CTV9)
                        Transmitter:  Phnom Penh ch E9 10 kW

                        No 18 Street 562
                        Toul Kok
                        Phnom Penh 12151
                        Tel: +855 23 880874
                        Fax: +855 23 368212
                        E-mail: tv9cambodia@hotmail.com

                        Apsara TV

                        Apsara TV tower  Transmitter: Phnom Penh ch E11 10 kW

                        No 69 Street No 57 (Corner Street No 370)
                        Sangkat Beung Keng Kang 1
                        Khan Chamcarmon
                        Phnom Penh 12301
                        Tel: +855 23 303002 or 012 949 414 or 011 803 678
                        Fax: +855 23 214302

                        Apsara TV is operated by Apsara Media Group and has close connections with the Cambodian People's Party
                        Cambodian Television Network (CTN)
                        National Road 2, Srok Ta Khmao, Kandal Province: ch E21
                        Siem Reap: ch E23

                        No 33 Sihanouk Street (Street 274)
                        Phnom Penh
                        Tel: +855 12 800800
                        Fax: +855 12 801801


                        A joint venture of the Royal Group of Companies and Modern Time Group
                        Bayon TV
                        Transmitters:  Takhmau (Phnom Penh) ch E27 250 kW ERP
                        Siem Reap ch E8
                        Takhao (Kampong Cham) ch E12

                        Khom Prek Samrong
                        Kandal Province
                        Tel: +855 23 363695 or (015) 850714 or (012) 813695 or (012) 926797
                        Fax: +855 23 363795

                        Bayon TV

                        Close connections with the Cambodian People's Party (CPP) and Prime Minister Hun Sen.

                        TV5 (TV Cinq)

                        Transmitter: Phnom Penh ch E23

                        Relay of French language satellite channel TV5. The transmitter is located at French Cultural Centre, No 218, Keo Chea Street (Street 184), Phnom Penh
                        Vietnam TV (VTV)
                        Transmitter: Phnom Penh ch E25

                        Relay of Vietnam TV (Dai Truyen Hing Viet Nam). The transmitter is located in the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Phnom Penh.


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