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                        Follow your heart. Listen to your dreams.

                        Traditional Methods are now retro.

                        Burbank, California: Back in 1992 Ashley Quinn Postlewaite and Darrell Van Citters left Warner's studios to start their own business, Renegade Animation. They truly were renegades. Their first challenge was to produce a 90-second spot for Nike. They did it. Called Aerospace Jordan, it aired on the Super Bowl. Now, that's real talent. And, that 's an incredible start.

                        This episode of the show takes us inside flights of the imagination, fantasy, and stretched metaphors. Today, among their customers you will find Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney, CBS.com, Leapfrog, Toyota, Mattel, Barq's Root Beer, Campbell Soup, Dow, NIKE and more.

                        In their first year they did $1.4 million in sales. While the sales have held steady over the years, they have also have been able to do their work with four or less full-time employees.    

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                        Veteran, Dave Young

                        And, keep your promises.

                        Meet Dr. Neil Clark Warren, founder of eHarmonyYou'll meet other key people as well.  They tell you why keeping one's promises is so important to get and keep customers.  "Over 40 other owners answer the question,
                        How do I keep customers coming back?   More...

                        Put your values in writing.

                        A salute to our Veterans: Meet Dave Young, co-founder, Oberon. He and Jodi Johnson focused on a strong corporate identity by putting their vision, mission, and culture of their business in writing. They attracted and kept great people who have taken it to the next level.   More...

                        We all climb eight steps to start, run and grow a business.

                        Hattie Bryant

                        If you're out of work...
                        Let's all help.  If you are unemployed, consider the letter to Barack Obama, and then taking this Reality Check.   More...

                        If you are starting a business...
                        Work through the first three steps.   If you are still at it in three months, you stand a chance ofmaking it! More...

                        If you are a sole proprietor...
                        There are 19 million sole proprietors.  If they all hired one person, there would be no unemployment.

                        If you are thinking about retiring...
                        Many Baby Boomers are retiring.  Some have decided not to retire, but to keep on keeping on. More...

                        Best business practices: Videos from this television show

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