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                        Last Update: Friday June 5, 2020

                        The Billionaires' Millionaires*

                         *Is there a Michael Anthony or John Beresford Tipton in the wings?

                        The question was asked, "Why should anyone be left out?"

                        Not everyone can start a business.  It is a very, very tough climb. 
                        Yet, everyone can help someone else. 
                        Everyone can do a good deed.

                        Consider just one more proposal for a weekly series -- the working title,
                        "The Billionaires' Millionaires."

                        Wouldn't it be gratifying for all people to see some of our wealthiest neighbors
                        lead the way so they empower a program to  reward goodness. 

                        Key Pages for Global Television:

                        ? Around the World in 24 hours Every Day
                        ? Best Businesses of the World
                        ? Best Producers for the Best Businesses
                        ? Global series for Small Business School
                        ? Populations by country
                        ? Stories about millions of good business owners

                        The concept for the show,  THE BILLIONAIRES' MILLIONAIRES

                        This series would be a remake of an old television show, The Millionaire.

                        If you are over 50 years old, you just might remember a half-hour television series called The Millionaire with Michael Anthony. Each week he would pick up a check from John Beresford Tipton. The show was about what happened to a person when given $1 million dollars, tax-free with no strings attached.

                        Today's series might work with an unknown number of actual billionaires who each year give away $1M to a person who has done something very good for other people, even an entire village or city.  These good citizens do it not to be recognized or rewarded; they do it out of the generosity of their heart.

                        They're expecting no reward for doing it. 

                        Then there comes a day, totally unexpected, somebody knocks on their door and someone hands them a check for $1,000,000. Of course, there would be no applications for this job! There would only be good people doing good things and somehow this new show finds out about it.

                        Many of today's billionaires may not have the time or inclination to do it  –  they already have hundreds of projects of their own. But, we will propose it to many of them and let you know what we discover.

                        Perhaps a few will do it. Then maybe we can get 100 to do it.

                        Talk about changing the dynamics of television and our culture! It has been said, "What gets rewarded gets done."   Can't you just see people tuning in to learn what happens to people who are given $1,000,000 because they did something good for somebody else?

                        It would be a new show so  we gave it that simple working title: The Billionaires' Millionaires.




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