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                        Last Update: Thursday June 11, 2020

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                        Disintermediating space and time forever

                        Cities of the World from the International Space Station

                        The not-so-harmonic convergence...

                        Six industries now share a nervous system, spinal cord, and brain -- it's called the world wide web.

                        Six industries -- Broadcasting, Information, Communications, Education, Publishing, Systems -- are eating each others' lunch. Some are merging. Some are converging, but most will battle it out.  Prices come down and we all learn how to develop these BICEPS  and become competition, too.  More...

                        Integrity & Ethics.  This muscle industry depends on the protection of intellectual property for survival. Though the web is abused by many and sometimes it feels nothing on it should be trusted, quite the opposite is true. Happening just under the surface, the web is beginning to know each of us profoundly. Every nuance, every utterance, it is all being recorded and the web is quickly linking it all together and interpreting it with knowledge management tools.  More...

                        We thought that "Big Brother" would be watching us. Turns out that we will all be  watching each other. Anything and everything each of us does is being documented somewhere.  The liars, the cheaters, the scamsters, and the thieves brought it on themselves.  More...

                        The last link: Knowledge Management tools.  These tools compile data and make it all useful information.  They getting more sophisticated every day.   An online profile is evolving about everyone on this planet and its memory seems absolute. As we all begin to grasp this new reality, we will all naturally become producers, crafting our life story and its meaning and value from cradle to grave. More...

                        There are over 70 clips about Information Services...

                        Broadcasting, Information, Communications, Education, Publishing, Systems...

                        They are all merging and converging.  The result:  TRANSPARENCY.  Meet people who actually explain disintermediation..  what's happening as a result of the Web. It deepens with Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, social networks, collaboration...  Space and time become derivative.  Relations become primary.  This is the real revolution of our time.   More...

                        Hattie Bryant introduces you to web veterans with good advice

                        Step 1: Get a website that you control.
                        Key Question: How do I find new customers?
                        Meet successful early adopters of the web. More...

                        Albert Black, On target Supplies & Logistics, Dallas, Texas

                        Step 2: Be very clear about your mission.
                        Key Question: How do I stay excited about life?
                        Hear Albert Black of Dallas discuss his vision. More...

                        Mark Gross, Oak Technologies

                        Step 3: Do your research.
                        Key Question: How do I know what to sell?
                        Meet Mark Gross, founder, Oak Technologies More...

                        Orange Schroeder of Madison, WI

                        Step 4:   Stay focused on your customers
                        Key QuestionHow do I know what to sell?
                        Meet Orange Schroeder of Madison, Wisconsin More...

                        Tom Gegax, co-founder, TiresPlus

                        Step 5: Hire help.  Build your team.
                        Key Question: How do I build a big business? More...
                        Meet Tom Gegax, co- founder, TiresPlus More...

                        David Bowden of Transition Associates, Westerham, England

                        Step 6: Use systems for continuous learning.
                        Key Question: How do I keep customers coming back?
                        Meet folks reaching for the edge of technology   More...

                        Brad Armstrong, investor in Blue Whale Moving

                        Step 7: Use the equity in your business.
                        Introduction: Harvest. Use the Small Corporate Offering Registration
                        Meet Brad Armstrong of Austin, Texas   More...


                        Step 8: Be a mentor, sponsor, advocate.
                        Key Question: How do I build a big business?
                        Hattie asks, "Please watch their final words to us!"
                        This is the heart of capitalism, the soul of the USA.

                        Best business practices: Videos from this television show

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