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                        Governments best regulate, not capitalize

                        Face the facts often.

                        Use Financial Statements to Run Your Business

                        USA and around the world:  Let us all get our houses in order!  Keeping track of business... it is the job of everyone in a business  The best way  to do it is to read, grasp and act on those monthly financial statements. If you share that information and give everyone bottom line accountability through the key ratios, your business will rally. You'll see an impact immediately!

                        In this episode you meet three small business owners. Two have gotten control of their financials and one is working to do better.

                        Unfortunately, most of us do not work closely with our financial data.  We all must.  With all the features built into today's accounting software programs (be sure you have your latest upgrades), any owner should have the numbers they need to run their business with the push of a button.

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                        The USA is not a nanny state. We all have work to do.

                        Business cannot borrow to get out of debt or spend to get out of a recession. Governments are no different. No government can function for long using a different formula or logic. And, all good politicians know basic business principles.

                        Let's agree to help each other through these hard times and those ahead. Here are eight episodes of the show that "ollie up" and over each of the eight steps of growth.

                        Hattie Bryant, Internet Basics
                        Step 1: Use the web's efficiencies

                        Michael Novak, American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC
                        Step 2: Teach the basics of capitalism

                        Nani Waddoups, owner, R. Wagner Arts, Portland, Oregon
                        Step 3: Read and use your financials

                        Daniel Walker, Havester Music
                        Step 4:  Protect all intellectual property

                        Suzanna Persa, owner, Danceworks Studio, Redmond, Washington
                        Step 5: Prepare

                        John Stockbridge, owners, Brookstone Technologies, Perth, Australia
                        Step 6: Go global

                        Albert Black, founder, On Target Supplies & Logistics, Dallas
                        Step 7: Sustain it

                        Steve Hoffman, founder, Modern Postcards, Carlsbad, CA
                        Step 8: Exit

                        Fist we'll help each other with the basics. Then we'll go further.   We all need help.   So, let's get our business moving ahead.   And then let's do more..

                        Every video has aired on PBS stations; that began in 1994.

                        The show has also aired around the world through the Voice of America!
                        This show... sponsored by some of the world's best businesses

                        Revival of ethics and the basic business equation: When based on value, growth is invigorated and sustained.   Learn the power of that value equation.   More...

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