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                        Projecting Your Success in New Ventures

                        Well-grounded visionaries change the world.

                        Detroit, Michigan:  This is a story about good things happening to good people, yet in this episode we learn that there's no alchemy in Diversified Chemical's success. Rather, it is the right mix of ingredients -- attention to details, adherence to rules and procedures and exacting standards, fiscal responsibility, personal accountability, and an investment in their people and community -- that produce results that consistently meet their customer's expectations and exceed their customer's requirements.

                        Arnold Joseff and George Hill opened Diversified Chemical Technologies, Inc. in 1971 and today it is the holding company for four subsidiaries: Adhesive Systems, Coat-it; Diversified Chemical Technologies, and Paperworks. Together the companies employ over 200 people -- 50 are chemists -- and they generate over $150 million in annual sales.

                        When George Hill and Arnold Joseff decided to stop being sales-driven and to become innovation-driven, the entire business was totally reinvented. They took their lab off the back burner and turned up the heat by putting it at the very core of the company. It meant putting technology ahead of personality as a way of defining their competence within their industry.

                        These two broke the mold then reinvented it.

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                        Step 1: Dreaming

                        Joe Dannis, DawnSign Press, San Diego
                        Step 2: Starting

                        Yvonne LaFleur, founder, Yvonne LaFleurNew Orleans
                        Step 3: Selling

                        Step 4:  Growing

                        Meet Joe Kruetz, founder, County Commerce Bank, Ventura, California
                        Step 5: Employing

                        Ahmad Chebbani, founder, Omnex Accounting, with the Mayor of Dearborn, Michigan
                        Step 6: Scaling

                        Nicole Miller and Bud Konheim, founders, Nicole Miller Fashions, NYC
                        Step 7: Sustaining

                        Step 8: Exiting

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