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                        Santa Monica, California: Two young men met in New York City, started T-Bone Films in 1993, then moved to Santa Monica to enjoy street sports 365 days a year and to grow their business. Craig Caryl does not have too much time for street sports anymore.He started hiring people in their second year of operation and then developed an intern program for those who wanted to break into the business.

                        The team at T-Bone Films  pioneered programming for extreme sport athletes and fans and they embraced the web early. 

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                        Explore eight key steps from eight different episodes of the show.

                        Step 1: Get  Your Web URL

                        Step 2: Learn about Capitalism

                        Step 3: Read your Financials

                        Step 4:  Protect Intellectual Property

                        Step 5: Prepare

                        Step 6: Go Global

                        Step 7: Sustain it.

                        Step 8: Exiting

                        Let's help each other with the basics. Then let's go further.  The USA needs help.   First, let's get our business moving ahead.   Here's a bit more help..

                        Entrepreneurs do not wait for somebody else to solve the problem;
                        they take it on. They just do it themselves, "The bigger the challenge, the bigger
                        the return." They are not afraid what others will think and what people will say.
                        With deep courage, a steeled heart, and a focused mind...  More...

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