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                        Last Update: Friday June 26, 2020

                        Time Zone 13: Greenwich Mean Time or UTC+ 0

                        Key Pages for Global Television:

                        ? Homepage
                        ? Best Business of the World
                        ? Best Producers for the Business of the World
                        ? Billionaires' Millionaires
                        ? Global series for Small Business School
                        ? Populations by country
                        ? Stories about millions of good business owners

                        Overview of current actions

                        1. Countries: There are 20+ countries in this time zone.
                        2. Being Researched:  Approximate population of the entire time zone, a number of business in each country, and the oldest and most award-winning businesses.
                        3. Listings:  Listings is of the businesses.
                        4. Recommendations: The action plan for each country.


                        Still known by many as Greenwich Mean Time, and today called Coordinated Universal Time, this area lies between 7°30W and 7°30'E longitude.

                        Greenland: Total population of under 20,000.  The largest city, Nuuk, with just 15,000 people, makes it the smallest capital city in the world. Danmarkshavn is a research outpost.

                        In Every Country in Every Time Zone

                        In each country, the best producers will be encapsulating the stories about their best businesses. Local business advocates, like the mayors and Chambers of Commerce and business associations will nominate the first 100 businesses and then everyone in the country will nominate and vote online.

                        All these businesses are invited to answer tough questions about who they are, from where they have come, and their hopes and dreams for the future.  There are over 250 possible questions to answer and that list is growing!

                        Once there are answers to 25 key questions, you will begin to see a story taking shape.  The finished product -- a half-hour television episode -- will only have time to explore ten to twelve of those answers.  The remaining answers will be on the web and the best of those will be part of very short broadcasts during the prime time hour within that company's time zone.

                        Every local episode will first air locally.  The best will air globally.

                        Questions & Answers

                        Who are you?  What is the meaning and value of your life?  What drives you?  Why do people respect you?  Are you a leader?  What is your vision for exiting the business?  When did you hired your first employee? 

                        Every video begins with a question.  Look at any video on this website and you will discover the key question and a case study guide to explore the question further. 

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                        All the listings by hour of a day#1 for the IDL, #2 for the 2nd hour... a larger map .


                        Listing by country and capital:

                        Greenland:  Danmarkshavn (Pop-up)
                        N 74° 28  W 20° 34 
                        ?  No tours, listings or recommendations
                        N 64° 09  W 21° 57
                        Tour. Listings  Recommendations
                        Ireland:  Dublin
                        N 53° 20  W 06° 15
                        Tour. Listings  Recommendations
                        United Kingdom: London
                        ?   N  51° 32  W 00o 05
                        Tour. Listings  Recommendations
                        N 38° 42  W 9o 05
                        Tour. Listings  Recommendations
                        N  33° 36   W 7o 37
                        Tour. Listings  Recommendations
                        Western Sahara: El Aaiún
                        N  27°09  W 13°12
                        Tour. Listings  Recommendations
                        Mauritania: Nouakchott
                        N  20° 00  W 12o 00
                        Tour. Listings  Recommendations
                        Cape Verde: Praia
                        N  14° 55  W 23o 31
                        Tour. Listings  Recommendations
                        Senegal: Dakar
                        N  14° 40  W 17o 25
                        Tour. Listings  Recommendations
                        The Gambia: Banjul
                        N  13° 28  W16o 34
                        Tour. Listings  Recommendations
                        Mali: Bamako
                        N  12° 39  W 08o 00
                        Tour. Listings  Recommendations
                        Burkina Faso: Ouagadougou
                        N  12° 22  W 01o 31
                        ? Tour. Listings  Recommendations!
                        N  11° 52  W 15o 36
                        Tour. Listings  Recommendations
                        Guinea: Dakar
                        N  14° 34 W 17o 29
                        Tour. v
                        Sierra Leone: Freetown
                        N  08° 31  W 13o 30
                        Tour. Listings  Recommendations
                        N  08° 00  W 09o 31
                        Tour  Listings  Recommendations
                        Cote d'IvoireAbidjan  Yamoussoukro
                        N  06° 51  W  05o 18
                        Tour. Listings  Recommendations
                        Ghana: AccraN  05° 33  W 00o 15
                        ?   Tour. Listings  Recommendations
                        S  06° 07  W 01o 13
                        Tour. Listings  Recommendations



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