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                        Last Update: Friday June 5, 2020

                        60.00.00 - A spot on earth that could inculcate everything 60.

                        A Photographic Journey of the Area

                        This is Russia.  Here we are in search of  television producers and business partners who can develop their own local version of the show.  To that end we will begin suggesting business ideas to people all over the world. 

                        A global mapping group called the Degree Confluence Project is making it easier.  Here are their images from 60.60. They are literally taking pictures at every intersection (or confluence) of whole numbers with 00 minutes and 00 seconds.

                        For this particular adventure, we are especially in search of the best photographers who can show us the face and feelings of their homelands.  We also discovered Panoramio through Google and these terrific photographers (each link goes to their Panoramio collections). 

                        Maksim Antipin.  His command of English is excellent.
                        Spourt. This maybe his first name or last name we have no idea.
                        MOIIBA. Certainly we'll learn a little Russian along the way.
                        Виктор Мельник. No English equivalent is given.
                        Andrey Avgustis or Андрей Августис  Both English and Russian!
                        Igor Romanov.  Do you think that he might be related!

                        More Photographers: Scharipova Ekaterina, Dmitri Kisselman... 

                        We will continue with more introductions to wonderful people and their wonderful work from around the world.


                        60.09.13N   60.01.00E        Photographer:  Maksim Antipin

                        A new light is shining on the old Russia and there is a creative rebirth, an awakening to the world that will bless us all with their new insights and ideas,  that will surprise everyone, particularly Moscow.

                        There will be plenty of interesting things for the 60 years old visitors from around the world to see and do. Here is an entire page of images from within the 60/60 coordinate locations.

                        There will always be much more to come

                        Use Google Maps, click on Satellite, then zoom down to
                        60° 00' 00" N   60° 00' 00" E!

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                        60° 25' 32.05" N    59° 16' 2.86" E            Photographer:  Maksim Antipin

                         59° 45' 44.19" N      60° 11' 35.25" E       In the area of Krasnotur'insk     Photographer; Spourt

                        More towns nearby 60/60

                        60.00.00N by 60.00.00E:  There is a page at the coordinates 60.00.99 N and 60.00.0125E.   Some of the towns listed around this area include:  Berezovsky, Boksity,  Konovaloyka, Sosnovka, and Volhansk, and Vyuzhyy, all within the Sverdlovsk Oblast.

                        Yet, using the tool from Falling Rain, there are many other towns and areas defined within the Latitude and Longitude of 60/60. Here are others:

                        Atyus  Latitude 60.10.00N Longitude 60.26.66E
                        Aref'yevskiy 60.95.00N 60.48.33E

                        Belaya: 60.50.00N 60.08.33E
                        Berezovaya Gar'   60.21.66N  60.46.66E
                        Bezvodnoye 60.85.00N 60.08.33.E
                        Dan'sha 60.21.66N 60.11.66E

                        Grigor'yevka 60.00.00N 60.10.00E

                        Ivdel   60.69.11N   60.42.05E

                        Kedr 60.43.33N   60.65.00E
                        Kedr 60.43.33N   60.65.00E
                        Kedrovaya: 60.9167N  60.40.00E 
                        Kedrovyy 60.91.66N   60.56.83E

                        Krasnyy Langur:  60.11.67   60.71.67 E

                        Lacha 60.31.94N   60.81.05E

                        Nagornyy 60.70.00N 60.4333E Nikitinka 60.61.66N 60.31.66E

                        Pakina 60.70.00N   60.43.33E
                        Polovinnoye  60.05.00N   60.15.00E
                        Poselok 60.43.33N   60.20.00E
                        Preobraszhenka   60.71.66N   60.33.33E
                        Pristavo   60.93.44N   60.47.25N
                        Polynochye    60.86.97N 60.41.52N

                        Severnaya Sama   60.18.33N   60.48.33E
                        Sabyanino 60.98.33N 60.51.66E
                        Tal'tiya 60.70.00N   60.10.00E

                        Vysotinka   60.16/67N   60.11.67E
                        Yelovka   60.73.33N   60.60.00E
                        Yurkino   60.88.66N   60.55.52E60.10.00E
                        Yurtishche  60.76.66N   60.10.00E



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