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                        Last Update: Thursday June 11, 2020

                        Aging is obsolete. Growing old is so passé. Be Forever Young.*

                        Work Yourself Back Into Youth

                        Dallas: Ebby Halliday is a legend in this city.  She started her business in 1946 with nothing but the love of her family. Classic Americana, this is a rags to riches story. She went from the Great Depression to create a multi-billion dollar business.  She is truly one of today's pioneers and quiet heroes. .Today she has over 1500 independent realtors, hundreds who have become millionaires on her watch.

                        Ebby tells us how she broke through the gender barriers long before there ever was a feminist movement, how she found the person who replaced her at the top and why she gave the company to her employees.

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                        Ebby Halliday got it right. She discovered the fountain of youth:   Work. 

                        WORK...  creating value.   If we stop creating something of value, we start to die.  
                        Watch today's video tip with Hattie.   Here is a most basic formula for life.   More...

                        Remigius Shatas
                        Step 1: Dreaming

                        Step 2: Starting

                        Step 3: Selling

                        Saris Bike Racks. Once known as Graber Products of Madison, Wisconsin
                        Step 4:  Growing

                        Step 5: Employing

                        Step 6: Scaling

                        Step 7: Sustaining

                        The promise, a sculpture for XTO Energy aka Cross Timbers Oil & Gas, I will be back.
                        Step 8: Exiting

                        Each video above answers a key question.  How would you answer each?
                        We all need to be helping each other to grow. Let's inspire each other to do more!

                        Economic engine for values

                        This very basic business equation is also the basis of sustained growth and a return to real values.  More...

                        Television for good people

                        Please, be our guest here.

                        The sense of time

                        Back in 1994 when the show first went on the air, we realized that time's illusion had duped us all into getting old. There is no need for it. So, we began looking for new ways to understand time's derivative nature. There is a lot to report. More..

                        Entrepreneurs do not wait for somebody else to solve the problems.
                        They take it on. With deep courage, a steeled heart, and a focused mind... More...

                        Small business innovators, the prime movers of an economy, the first dollar.

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