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                        Let's all focus on key problems and best business practices.

                        How do I grow my business?

                        Offer A Career Track With Good Pay And Benefits

                        Las Cruces, New MexicoVisit with Troy Scoughton and his team at TMC Designs.  They make every kind of antenna imaginable and then a few that are a bit beyond our imagination

                        The first step in having a sustainable business is to hire good people who are able to carry on in your absence.  As a sole proprietor, we create a job for ourselves and work for our sub-contractors and suppliers.  When you become  an employer, you create jobs for others and put yourself in position to build a legacy and renewable asset.

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                        »    How do I increase sales? (27 videos)
                        »    How do i grow this business? (80 video answers)
                        »    How does one finance the start up? (24 video answers)

                        Albert Lee, funded by SBIC Medallion Financial
                        Step 1: Dreaming
                        Nigel Skeffington, founder, Time Technology
                        Step 2: Starting
                        Step 3: Selling
                        Broker David Arnold of Austin, Texas
                        Step 4: Growing
                        Chef Thomas Keller, founder, The French Laundry, Napa Valley
                        Step 5: Employing

                        Step 6: Scaling
                        Gary Salomon, founder, FastSigns, Carrollton, Texas
                        Step 7: Sustaining

                        Step 8: Exiting

                        Don't let money stop you.  The money is out there.  Learn to control your finances and sell yourself based on key ratio analysis. Over 120 videos about finance!

                        Keys to productivity and new insights. Use one key question per day with your people. Become a fifteen-minute focus group.  Explore each others' answers.  Explore secondary questions.  Your business will be transformed.

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