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                        Last Update: Friday June 5, 2020

                        This show airs Sunday, 7 AM, NJN-TV in NYC, NJ and Philly.

                        Every episode of the show has several key ideas to challenge us to grow.  So let's find ways to help each other to grow: Create a small group. Each week implement a key idea and mentor each other to produce  results.    70+ videos to help

                        Economic engine for values

                        This basic business equation  will be the basis of sustained growth and a return to real values.   More...

                        Television about good people

                        You are invited to join this school; it is a membership organization (below). So please, be our guest. It's free.

                        Back to core principles

                        2000± videos right here...

                        From 14 years of weekly episodes on PBS stations this show has also aired around the world through the Voice of America.  All on-location insights from small business owners selected by their community. Learn about the power of business and how values motivate them.   More..

                        There are eight key steps from an idea, to owner, to the harvest.

                        Ken Done says to do what works
                        Step 1: Dreaming

                        Step 2: Starting

                        Step 3: Selling

                        Saris Bike Racks. Once known as Graber Products of Madison, Wisconsin
                        Step 4:  Growing

                        Ziba Design, Rich Fox and Nancy Pinney
                        Step 5: Employing

                        Nancy & Eric, Goshow Architects, NYC
                        Step 6: Scaling

                        Hattie Bryant introduces Ekkwill Waterlife Resources of Tampa and Record Technology of Camarillo, California
                        Step 7: Sustaining

                        Step 8: Exiting

                         For $49.95 (1) Register your entire business and everyone in it.
                        (2) Just have an idea for a business?  Just starting? Do a reality check!
                        (3) Or, follow the best practices of others.  Grow your business, click here.

                        Entrepreneurs do not wait for somebody else to solve the problem.

                        They take it on. They just do it themselves. We say, "The bigger the challenge, the bigger the return." We are not afraid what others will think and what people will say. With deep courage, a steeled heart, and a focused mind... More

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