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                        Last Update: Wednesday June 10, 2020

                        How are you going to harvest your equity in your business?

                        Small business  is   about courage...

                        Throughout the world:   Many episodes and several specific videos focus on selling your business and/or using the equity within your business to raise capital:
                        1. Sell to someone close to you
                        2. Sell to a publicly-trade company
                        3. Sell through an employee stock ownership program
                              ?      Boston Duck Tours
                              ?      French Laundry
                              ?      St. Claire's EcoNatural

                           5.   Sell through an IPO:
                              ?     XTO
                              ?     Medallion Funding
                              ?     Urocor
                              ?     eHarmony

                        We all should have been thinking about it when we started our business.
                        It would have sharpened our focus and emboldened our thinking along the way.   More...

                        Hattie Bryant on Exiting one's business
                        Think now 
                        Ray DiSanto of Providence
                        Work to the end
                        Ebby Halliday, Dallas, Texas
                        Give it away
                        Peter Schenck, Lorraine MIller, Jim_Schell
                        Sell Close
                        Robert Orenstein
                        Sell high
                        Ray Smilor
                        Equity Markets

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                        That's free. This television show has a rather simple starting point that begins with a vision that has foundations based deep within the essence of integrity. Learn more...

                        All episodes aired on PBS stations and the Voice of America-TV

                        Each video features an owner of a business that was selected by local business advocates.  And, most of these videos apply to all businesses, i.e. 150+ videos on customer service.  Consider using each video as the focus of a study group.  Reflect on best business practices and the meaning and value of life.   More...

                        Teach the foundations of democracy and capitalism

                        Teach to imbue these concepts within yourself.   Use this episode with Michael Novak as a starting point.   Have everyone watch and discuss the key ideas.   More...

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