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                        Last Update: Friday June 12, 2020

                        Homepage for our National Associations for Businesses

                        Table of Contents

                        TO: National Trade and National Small Business Associations
                        FM: Bruce Camber and Hattie Bryant

                        RE: Take over Small Business School (SBS) in your industry   
                                and leverage the SBS assets for membership development

                        Change the Way We All See Business
                          1.   An Overview
                          2.   The national media's negative portrayal of business
                          3.   Lift up more positive role models
                                Reward the good;  ignore the bad.
                          4.   Drive local ratings up

                        Change the Way We Work Together
                          5.   Lead the 24x7 convergence 
                          6.   Collaborate after every broadcast
                          7.   Ask the hard questions and get real answers
                        .   Index all the good businesses
                                Let no business fail for lack of help

                        Change Ourselves:  Everybody is a Producer.
                          9.    Provide even more value for members
                                 Get involved with your PEG and PBS stations
                        10.   Help create sustainable businesses
                        11.   Authenticity and transparency
                        .   New models, new businesses -- NFIB, NAM, etc.

                        Key References:
                        An Open Letter

                        There are key business associations, all advocacy groups, that have worked with Small Business School over the years.  Right from the beginning in 1994, the producers turned to the national business associations for nominations and for qualifying businesses to be on the show. 

                        To qualify a business had to be loved by their local community  for their generous spirits and high standards, and they had to be respected in their industry for their leadership.  They were among the givers, not the takers. They  volunteered and shared their insights to make their industry and this world a better place.

                        Our Partners

                        National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB). From their Mission Statement: "To promote and protect the right of our members to own, operate and grow their businesses."   The NFIB is the preeminent advocate of free enterprise in America.   It is the most knowledgeable and informed small business association in the nation.  It is the most effective at enacting legislation in favor of members.  It empowers people who believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship. 

                        Go to the NFIB homepage...

                        National Association of Manufacturers  (NAM). From their website: "...fighting for a strong future for U.S. manufacturing."  NAM is all about taking action to "reduce costs resulting from government policies -- like high taxes, excess regulation, litigation, and rising health and energy costs."

                        Go to the NAM homepage...

                        Many more to come...




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