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                        Last Update: Friday June 26, 2020

                        Ratings will never be the same. It is a brand-new day.

                        Table of Contents

                        Change the Way We All See Business

                          1.   An Overview
                          2.   The national media's negative portrayal of business
                          3.   Lift up more positive role models
                                Reward the good;  ignore the bad.

                          4.   Drive up local ratings

                        Change the Way We Work Together

                          5.   Lead the 24x7 convergence 
                          6.   Collaborate after every broadcast
                          7.   Ask the hard questions and get real answers
                        .   Index all the good businesses
                                Let no business fail for lack of help

                        Change Ourselves:  Everybody is a Producer.

                          9.    Provide even more value for members
                                 Get involved with your PEG and PBS stations
                        10.   Help create sustainable businesses
                        11.   Authenticity and transparency
                        .   New models, new businesses

                        Key References:

                        An Open Letter
                        Homepage for this presentation

                        By Bruce Camber   (written in 2001 and revised from 2002 to 2003)

                        Ratings, Ratings, Ratings:  Small business owners do not have time for television. We know that all too well!  Yet, in today's world, with so many alternatives to passive television, television is in a downward spiral.  If there is a program that is driving ratings, everybody in television will follow.  Television can change.  It can be better, more inspirational, and more educational.

                        Even a  television show about business can be both inspirational and educational.  Small Business School has demonstrated that fact.  Yet, it can be even more so.  All of our producers can begin to collaborate with each other and viewers and develop tools to help each other make it a more dramatic show.  Also, if each episode becomes a gateway to do more business, we believe attitudes would change even more quickly.

                        Here are key reasons why small business owners will tune-in and also get their people to tune-in as well:

                        1. See, hear and learn from their friends and acquaintances on TV

                        When one-fourth of the episodes are local, people will begin to expect to see someone they know. They will want to anticipate their own interview and think about how their episode can be even better. 

                        Over half of every local community is involved in small business in some way.

                        2.  Interactive television

                        Business owners will be given information within the broadcast to access the interactive questions whereby they can add content to their presence within the online part of Small Business School.

                        Viewers will be given information to participate in the ratings of local businesses  Increasingly the site will be known for identifying the most ethical, social aware businesses in the country.  When people begin to frequent good businesses, ratings will take on an entirely new meaning..

                        3. Online ratings

                        Every time a viewer logs into the site and adds to, or updates, their information, the search engines keep that page higher on their listings. Yahoo, Google, MSN Search, and the other major search engines all love the SmallBusinessSchool site.

                        4. Introduction to the collaboration events.

                        The collaboration events, market-by-market, after each local episode airs, will become an important place for people to meet people. It should become a very simple and free networking event as well as a way to maintain one's local visibility as people focus on solving local business problems.  More...

                        5.  Comments & Questions

                        You are invited to ask questions and receive direct answers.  Your feedback is very important. 

                        Over the years, the feedback of our viewers has been most encouraging.


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